Put the elderly in the backyard in a prefab “granny pod” – brilliant idea or humiliating cruelty?

What do you think about “granny pods”?

In one way, the idea sounds interesting – a prefab “cottage” that can be located in the backyard, where elderly relatives can enjoy a comfortable life within steps of their children and grandchildren. Certainly, a very attractive alternative to stashing them in a nursing home.

On the other hand, it can be seen as just a jazzed-up version of a doghouse. Park ‘em in the yard, out of the way – yet instantly available for babysitting. The whole notion of a separate residence (why not spend the money on a “granny flat” inside the main house?) is inherently humiliating.

Or maybe not. The cottages are really beautiful. Not a doghouse at all, but loaded with comforts and amenities. Not cheap, either. Privacy, respect – and yet convenient access to kids and grandkids. What’s not to like?

Read this article first – it gives you a good outline of the “granny pod” idea, where it came from, and what the pods actually look like. I think you’ll be impressed.

Or is it just dressed-up second-class citizenship after all? ┬áNow read this article, which humorously outlines some strategies that older people can employ to resist the idea of being consigned to a “granny pod.”

Are you pro or con? Let me know.



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